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Why do we women have such a hard time understanding the “rules” of calling and emailing men? This seems to be a notoriously difficult subject for women to grasp whether it’s the first time you call a guy you’re really into, or the hundredth. In the new book “Calling Men”, author Mimi Tanner attempts shed light on the top mistakes women make in their phone and email communications with men they like, and what you SHOULD be doing instead. I was very curious about what she had to say about this often frustrating aspect of dating and decided to do this Calling Men review and give all you ladies out there an honest assessment of it’s worth.

I’ve actually read sections of some of Mimi Tanner’s other relationship books in the past and generally had a positive reaction to what she had to say. With “Calling Men” I honestly think she’s out done herself. I for one have always been baffled by this area of the attraction equation. I can’t tell you how many times I have wondered whether I should call a guy, when the appropriate time to call was, or even IF I should have called in the first place…

After reading this guide in detail though, I came away feeling a lot more confident and knowledgeable as to what one should and should not do to make a man feel drawn to you through proper communication or lack thereof, strategies. Mimi Tanner does a glorious job of teaching the blue-print of attraction when dealing with the how to’s of calling, texting, and emailing a man.

5 Facts Exposed for Calling Men!

  • You learn what men are actually thinking when you call and text them at different points in a new relationship and what they won’t tell you but are telling all their friends about. This was an eye opener.

  • The information and practical instruction in this guide are super clear and simple to understand. It’s written in a take you by the hand style that won’t leave you wondering about or questioning the techniques you learn.

  • Reveals how modern technology has forever changed the way men and women talk to each other, and how to take advantage of this social shift in culture to full effect..

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  • You even learn how to make a guy desire you more just by the way you approach texting and emailing him, and why this is the single most powerful aspect of your phone call and texting routine.

  1. In order to benefit from you learn in this book you’re going to have to make some significant changes in what you are comfortable doing in terms of when it’s ok to call and not call him. For many women this can be excruciating, but if you want to be the girl that attracts a guys affection, you must remain disciplined.


Overall I would give “Calling Men” a big thumbs up. I thought it was written with a perfect combination of practical knowledge and fun anecdotal humor. This kept me turning the pages and not getting bored with the material. It became clear to me very quickly that Mimi Tanner is a women that cares about her readers finding success, and she definitely pours her heart into what she’s teaching. In a world full of self promoting, slick marketing junk, it was refreshing to read a book where the author clearly cares about results first. If communicating with men via phone or email has been a weak point for you in the past then you will be doing yourself a big favor by getting your hands on this course.

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