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Overview: Salehoo Review

Stop wasting your time looking for Wholesale and Dropshippers by spending hours searching the Internet. Salehoo is a members only site that gives you access to over 8,000 suppliers. Each supplier is verified, unlike some of the free directories, you’re getting accurate and reliable suppliers for pretty much any product you could be looking for.

Salehoo boasts over 75,000 users who trust Salehoo to connect them with product suppliers. The feature I loved the most about using the Salehoo website was their Members Only forum. At the time of writing this they had over 75,500 registered users.

Through the user of the forum you’ll be able to ask questions about any aspect of selling online. How to import, what to import, which wholesalers provide the best pricing and most of all you can learn from the other users mistakes.

You’re not the first person who has wanted to buy low and sell high, import products from China, sell products on eBay or try your hand at Dropshipping. Salehoo gives you the opportunity to eliminate the learning curve and really get down to making money.

6 Things You SHOULD Know About Salehoo

  • Salehoo is a membership site that gives you access to over 8,000 Trusted and Verified suppliers. Whether you’re looking to import, dropship or find a wholesaler, Salehoo is the best place to get started.

  • Over 75,500 registered members use Salehoo to acquire products to sell on auctions sites, yard sales, flea markets and in classifieds ads. Learn from other members in the forum, get REAL answers to your questions about starting or enhancing your business.

  • Whether you’re just starting your business or have an established wholesale business, Salehoo can give you the tools and additional resources you will need to be successful.

  • Salehoo’s education section will give you answers to the most common questions, questions about, Scam Prevention, eBay selling, Finding and Sourcing, Business Setup and several guides written by successful wholesalers.

  • Find what’s HOT and selling now by utilizing custom software in the Salehoo members section. View other peoples Hot lists created by the software to give yourself ideas and get that cutting edge information.

  • Using Salehoo will help eliminate scammers from taking money from you. When placing an order with suppliers you’re asked to pay upfront, most suppliers are offshore and cannot be tracked if they steal your money. Working with Salehoo verified suppliers will help protect you and your money.

  1. Salehoo has a small yearly fee that pays for site upkeep and the resources it takes to keep all the suppliers up to date. Other than that it’s the BEST place to get your business started.


With hundreds of websites and thousands of suppliers offering real and fake products online, you’ve never needed to be protected more than today. Learn from others so you can avoid the mistakes alot of us have made. Learn how to not get scammed and receive the products you actually ordered. Follow examples set out by other users who have already paved the road to success. Understand what it takes to sell on ebay and which products can be a “sure thing”. See how other people are making a full time living selling their products through other avenues other than ebay.

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