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Did you know that over 800,000 “normal” people are making a full-time living by selling products on eBay? eBay is the largest consumer website on the Internet. If you’re a serious eBayer and want to learn from 15 of the most successful Powersellers you’ll want to review this course in detail. If you’re not familiar with what a “Powerseller” is, please review eBay’s own definition on what a Powerseller is. A short description is 100 transactions, $3,000 in volume and 100 feedbacks with a 98% rating.

The Sky High Auctions course is relevant to anyone in any country, whether you’re from the U.S.A, UK, Europe, Australia or New Zealand. The 15 Powersellers are from several different countries and bring different perspectives to the training manual.

7 Things You SHOULD Know About Sky High Auctions

  • Sky High Auctions will help you to choose which products to sell, how to source them, how to get your customers to buy from you again and how to setup your website and more….

  • They are offering you a free 6 part mini video course that will help answer the following questions. How to drive buyers to your listings, deciding what to sell on ebay, learn what not to sell on ebay, how to import, the elements of a successful ebay business and a bonus video I have yet to review…

  • Discover how to take advantage of a little known psychological fact to do with people’s desire that you can put to use in order to ram up your bid’s on your auctions.

  • Learning by doing – What you absolutely must know! We share everything that you need to know before selling your items on ebay so that you DON’T GET BURNT, and also include detailed information about where to source your products from.

  • The video resources and tutorials are professional, easy to understand and simple to follow. In a nutshell, this is one of the best eBay business training courses I have seen to help you get started with your own eBay business!

  • Discover secrets to finding wholesale suppliers and building a relationship with your supplier so that you get the best possible deal (and get notified of new product lines before your competition!)

  1. Sky High Auctions is going to cost you $267 upfront for a lifetime membership. But every serious business owner MUST invest in their education to keep ahead of the competition. 15 Powersellers divulging their insider secrets is easily worth $1,000′s.


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